Sanuja is the winner Of Rs 1 Crore in Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran 2- Watch the episode online on 30th April 2013


Sanuja, native of Kulappada, Nedumangad is the first 1 crore winner In Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran-first Kodipathi in this season. ·The episode will be aired on 30th April 2013 in Asianet.
Sanuja is a last grade assistant in Collectorate, Thiruvananthapuram and her husband is a casual labourer. By winning the show, the dreams of Sanuja to build her own house, to give better education for their two sons and to face the challenges in life more courageously, becomes true.

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Disclaimer : This video is from Asianet TV’s Official Youtube channel
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